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Yurii Kriukov

Master Dental Technician, Owner

Work Experience



2015 - 2018

2018 - 2021

2020 - 2021

2021 - Present

Dental technician career started in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Graduated from Kharkiv Medical College

Dentistry/Prosthodontics Faculty

Dental technician in Styling Lab dental laboratory, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Joined the team of Yamamoto Lab in Kyiv, Ukraine. Began working with dentists whose level of requirements for function and aesthetics were at the highest level. Digital diagnostics and planning, restorations based on refractory, lithium disilicate, zirconium dioxide - any method of production of ceramic restorations is thoroughly mastered. Extensive experience in implant-based structures.

Opinion Leader of the Cendres Metaux SA (Switzerland) in Ukraine

Owner and Master Dental Technician in Dental Creative Workshop

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